Bliss and a head cold


My books have been yelling at me from my bag or bedside every night. I don't have the energy to read more than a few pages before being plowed into oblivion from daily exhaustion. This is a real pity because I'm in the middle of Life of Pi and it's been quite entertaining. I've been aching to get the energy to make a dent in this book and it appears I've got my wish.

It's over 80 degrees in Oakland today and the work stress has finally taken it's toll on my immune system. My resistance has failed me and I've got a nasty head cold on a day when the weather is completely hostile: 85 degrees, humid, and the air is as still and stale as an unopened closet. There will be no adventuring outside of this room this weekend. I'll be sipping iced tea and juice, eating cold medicine, ibuprofen, and cough drops -- and so gleefully happy that I have finally no option but to do exactly what I've been aching to do for over a week: just sit here and read.

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