Automatic Kernel Header Updates

The Ubuntu Dapper kernel has been updated a couple of times and with that, I've had to update the custom compiled VMWare modules to run Windows XP on my laptop. The new kernels are important, but I do still need VMWare and Windows for Quicken. Worse, I keep forgetting to update the headers when I get a new kernel.

I found there is a package called linux-headers-*** that automatically installs the latest kernel headers, so I don't need to install them manually each time. There are 4 flavors of this package: 386, 686, k7, server. If you don't know which one you need, execute.

uname -r

It will give you something like 2.6.15-26-k7 or 2.6.15-26-686

Now that you know the right flavor, you can install it by executing

sudo apt-get install linux-headers-***

Replace the *** with 386, 686, k7 or server. Now when Ubuntu releases a new kernel, it will automatically grab the new headers and I won't have to hunt and find it.

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